Local Improvement District (LID) No. 21

/_assets/Response for website.pdfLocal Improvement District No. 21 is a local improvement proposal for the installation of a low pressure sewage collection system and service connections to property lines to service Local Improvement District (LID) No. 21.
LID No. 21 is made up of the subdivisions and infill properties in the areas known as Odin Green, Siglavik, Miklavik and Husavik at a total cost of $2,800,000.00 to be borne by the issue of a 20 year debenture at 5.0% interest.
The cost of the low pressure sewage collection system and service connections to property lines will be levied by a parcel levy estimated at $10,000.00 per lot prepaid or an annual parcel levy of $786.00 (less any available grant from the Building Canada Fund) on all rateable properties in LID No. 21 during the term of the debenture.
The Public Hearing for LID # 21 is scheduled for December 16, 2014, at 7:00 p.m. in the Municipal Hall Council Chambers.
Technical Questions - Dick Menon, dmenon@rmgimli.com
Financial Questions - Amanda Colbourne, acolbourne@rmgimli.com
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April 29/16 - Connection deadline was set by Council Resolution for November 30, 2017.  *If your property is vacant the connection will not be required until you develop the property.
June 14/16 - Prepayment letters were mailed out by registered mail on June 13/16.  Deadline for the parcel prepayment option is Wednesday July 13/16 at 5:00 pm.  
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