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Municipal Projects

2016-17 Community Project Highlights:
(click on the links below for more information)

  • Continue working on Gimli Seniors Residence Proposal
  • Renewal of Urban Centre Water Lines
  • Improvements to Water Treatment System
  • Upgrades to Wastewater Treatment Plant
  • Improvements to Landfill Site
  • Implemented new Recycling Program in 2016
  • Multiple Road Renewal, Sidewalk, Ditching and Drainage Projects
  • Blue Flag Beach Designation
  • Gimli Business Park Revitalization
  • Fire Hall Redevelopment - completed in 2016
  • Continue with Affordable Housing initiatives
  • Outdoor Aquatic Centre / Opening 2017
  • Improvements to Recreation and Wellness Facilities
  • Review of Strategic Plan
  • Construction of New Beach Washrooms - completed in 2016
  • Upgrades and Beautification to Public Spaces and Parks
  • Upgrades to Gimli Sports Park
  • Upgrades to Marginal Wharf at Gimli Harbour, completed by Small Craft Harbours in 2016
  • Development of Viking Park, area surrounding the Viking Statue, completed by the Icelandic Festival Committee
  • Active Transportation Study
  • Accessibility Planning for the community
  • Refurbishing the T-33 Jet that was located on 1st Avenue
Click on this link for a list of Licensed Contractors for Sewer / Water Projects